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DORA chair is an Italian medical health care professional system. Thanks to its easily removable armrests, people with mobility problems can reach easier their seat position. In particular, you can easily move from a wheelchair to a bed or directly to the chair. Furthermore the Dora chair has a roller system that allows to move the chair with a person sitting on.

1 – The two arms of the chair can be easily removed, allowing easier access to the seat also from the sides. Also the repositioning of the arms is extremely fast and simple.

2 – The footrest has a movement completely independent from the one of the backrest, so it can be adjusted to facilitate the circulation of blood in legs with the back completely straight.

3 – In the relax position the backrest is lowered to the position to bring the body into a rest position totally horizontal, and then with a weight distribution of the whole body and a total relaxation of the muscles.

4 – The lift movement s ideal for simplifying the assumption of the upright position.

5 – Acting the lift movement, in the initial phase there is an horizontal lifting of the chair that allows, while remaining seated, to be raised to the height of a normal chair, so to get closer to a table and have the possibility to operate on it with ease.

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